Sandy Damage Claims Help

Attention Homeowners and Business Owners with Damage from Hurricane Sandy: Get a Public Adjuster on your side.

When disaster strikes, negotiating your property loss can be overwhelming. If you are not an expert at assessing property damage, talk to a Public Adjuster. If you have limited experience negotiating settlements, ask a professional for help. Public Adjusters in our program are licensed professionals who work exclusively for YOU, the policyholder, to get you more money for your damages.

Public Adjusters work on your side to value your losses and to negotiate with the insurance company. Public Insurance Adjusters reached by dialing 1-800-ADJUSTERS (1-800-235-8783) are licensed and bonded professionals. These Public Adjusters have years of experience and work hard to get you back to your pre-loss value. Call 1-800-ADJUSTERS now to get in contact with an experienced adjuster that will represent you. Or fill out the Sandy Contact Form located here: Sandy — Free Consultation.


After a disaster causes a loss of property value, or a total loss, the insurance company requires that you document your property damage claims and also to prove your losses. Often the policyholder just wants to put his or her life back together, yet is stuck working through a sea of insurance jargon and unfamiliar insurance forms. Public Adjusters know the tricks and the jargon to level the playing field for you.

Beware the first offer and ask for help. For many policyholders, contacting a licensed public adjuster can be a step in the right direction.

With serious money at stake, a public adjuster can help the insurance company pay all the compensation you deserve. It may be far more than the insurance company originally offers. You need this money to repair the damage and get your property back to the value before the disaster. With so much on the line, it make good sense to call 1-800-ADJUSTERS.

Public Insurance Adjusters in our network bring years of experience:

  • Negotiation with Insurance Companies

  • Complex Paperwork

  • Proving Property Damage Claims

Before you accept that insurance company check or final settlement, remember this: The Insurance company negotiates and values property losses every day. If you don’t value property loss for a living and know the tricks of the trade, you may be taking a big financial risk.


Warning to Disaster Victims with Property Insurance:

After a disaster, the insurance company may offer to cut you a quick check— but beware. This amount may not truly compensate you for your property loss. It may be far less than you deserve.

The 1 800 ADJUSTERS network of licensed professional Public Insurance Adjusters puts you in touch with a local adjuster to value your property and negotiate for you— the policyholder.

Before you accept that insurance company check or final settlement, remember this: The Insurance company’s adjusters negotiate and value property losses every day. If you don’t know all the nuances and tricks of the trade, you may be taking a big financial risk.

The last thing you need after a disaster is to negotiate with your insurance company. Public Adjusters are available to help.

Public Insurance Adjusters work just for you, the policyholder, to realistically value your property losses. Public Insurance Adjusters have the same kind of training and experience as insurance company claims adjusters. In fact, many Public Adjusters are former insurance company adjusters. But importantly, Public Adjusters instead use their skill, knowledge, and ability to fight for you.

Real Results:

The results produced when a policyholder uses a Public Adjuster can be astounding and impressive because Public Insurance Adjusters have the experience, expertise, and the know-how to build and to justify your property loss claim.

Additionally, an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster can itemize all your damages, prepare your estimates, and account the costs necessary so your property can be back to its pre-loss condition. Public Insurance Adjusters are hard working professionals who regularly negotiate claims with insurance carriers. Our Members fight for policy holders like you every day.

Consider This . . .

  • You would not settle a legal matter without an attorney
  • You would not settle an IRS audit without review by an accountant
  • You would not dose medicine to your child without asking a doctor


So why would you RISK negotiating with your insurance company on your own for serious property loss claims?

Help from a Professional Public Adjuster is only a phone call away at 1-800-ADJUSTERS.

You need an expert negotiator, especially when dealing with your insurance company.

The Public Adjusters in our toll-free-number-based program have experience appraising loss, estimating expenses, detecting the damage– especially hidden damage– and getting you a settlement that honestly compensates you for your loss– including decreased property value and repair costs. Public Adjusters are uniquely skilled at finding hidden damage.

In addition, be careful relying solely on contractor repair estimates when negotiating with your insurance company. Many times, a contractor estimate only accounts for the plain sight damage you seek to repair, while there is still other less apparent damage not also being repaired. The contractor is hired to fix the known damage, but the hidden damage that may be there is not part of the repair estimate. Also, there may be different damage unrelated to the portion of the property estimated by the contractor. The Public Insurance Adjusters of 1-800-ADJUSTERS are experts at identifying all the property damage, appraising all the damage, and negotiating with your insurance company to get you back to your pre-loss property value level. Experienced, licensed Public Insurance Adjusters reached when you dial 1-800-ADJUSTERS (1-800-235-8783) have the skills and expert ability to get you a settlement you deserve, whether with the insurance company directly or at mediation.

Public Insurance Adjusters work exclusively for you, the policyholder, to get you all the money you deserve for your property loss.