Few destructive forces can devastate your property as much as an earthquake. The destructive force unleashed can literally collapse homes and buildings. A Public Adjuster can help you document and prove your property damages to your insurance company.

Your insurance company has one objective:
To maximize profits for their company, while keeping payouts low.

Your insurance company wants to maximize their profit which means increased premiums for policyholders and doing what they can to make a low offer on claims, and to avoid paying claims all together. These are powerful forces that work against the Policyholder.

To ensure you get the Insurance Company to pay a full and fair settlement, you need to be documented, informed, and ready for anything the insurance company may request:
  • Take your time to be sure you document all your losses
  • Tell your Insurance Company about the loss right away
  • Capture the loss through actual pictures
  • Keep your receipts


Be careful what you sign.

If an insurance representative—even a really nice person who visits you on site– offers you a fast check in exchange for the full and final settlement of your claim, don’t sign without contacting a professional first. Check with a Public Adjuster before you sign. Call us at 1 800 ADJUSTERS (800-235-8783) to get the peace of mind that a professional consultation can provide. Many times the check offered right after a disaster only takes part of the damage into account or is much less than it would be after further investigation. Much damage is hidden. Experienced professional public adjusters have the skills to examine the property to reveal this hidden damage.

Ensure that your contractor does NOT negotiate with
your insurance company.

Be very sure that your contractor does not negotiate with your insurance company. In many jurisdictions, the contractor is not licensed to negotiate an insurance claim settlement. Your contractor may have the best of intentions and be very convincing. However, contractors may miss things other than the part they are asked to repair. Your settlement may involve other claims including loss of use, damaged contents, content manipulation, and other hidden damages. You may not realize there are other claims. Once you agree to a final settlement, those claims you did not realize or know about can possibly be closed out. Better to be on the safe side and contact a professional Public Adjuster.

If you aren’t sure what to do – get help from
a professional Public Adjuster.


Public Adjusters are licensed and trained in similar ways as insurance company adjusters, except they are using their expertise to work for you, the policyholder. Statistics show that Insurance Claims settled with the assistance of a public adjuster usually show higher settlements. It is not uncommon for a public adjuster to negotiate an insurance claim settlement even if your insurance company originally outright denied it.