Study finds hurricane and damage claims brought
with a Public Adjuster settled five times higher.
Source: OPPAGA Study, 2010
You need to be documented, informed, and ready
for anything the insurance company may request.
Public Adjusters inspect and document the damage,
negotiate for you, and fight to get you the
compensation you deserve.


Hurricane Sandy devastated your property. Now it’s time to file the claim. Don’t proceed alone. Get an expert on your side. Consult a Public Adjuster– a damage claims specialist who works exclusively for you, not the insurance company. The Public Adjuster fights to get you the most you deserve. When water, storm surge, rain, and wind damage your property, don’t let the insurance company’s adjuster minimize your recovery. Level the playing field. Call 1800ADJUSTERS for a consultation today: 1-800-235-8783.


Water and flood damage from a hurricane or pipe burst can ruin your property. Water can seep deep into the structure of your home or building structure— even into hidden areas. If you are the victim of a water disaster such as Hurricane Sandy, storm surge, or flood, call us at 1-800-ADJUSTERS (1-800-235-8783). A Public Adjuster inspects for all the damage including hidden damage, assesses the loss, files the paperwork, and fights for you to get the insurance company to pay all you deserve.


The total cost of fire damage restoration can be far more than the insurance company offers. Smoke damage can devastate and ruin your property. With the help of a licensed Public Adjuster, you may get a much larger settlement for damage from fire and smoke through your insurance company. Call 1-800-ADJUSTERS (1-800-235-8783) to get a property damage expert to fight for you. You do not have to negotiate for your settlement alone. Public Adjusters are experts at getting the insurance company to pay all you are owed.

Public Adjusters fight to get you all the compensation you deserve from the insurance company.

When disaster strikes, negotiating your property loss can be an overwhelming task. A Public Adjuster will fight for you to get you all the money you deserve. A Public Adjuster works for you, not for the insurance company. The Public Adjuster works hard to inspect the property, assess the damage including hidden damage, file the detailed paperwork with all the jargon, and follow up with the insurance company– until the job is done. The proof is that payouts are often higher with a Public Adjuster than without. Having serious professional help in your corner can help ensure a good result with the insurance company. Get help as soon as possible. The Public Adjusters reached through 1800ADJUSTERS are licensed and bonded professionals who work exclusively for YOU, the policyholder, to get you all the money you deserve for your damages.

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Insurance Claim Help

Insurance companies tend to offer a check right after a disaster that is for an amount far less than it would be after further investigation by a Public Adjuster. The Insurance Company wants to minimize your claim.

Don’t sign without contacting a professional first. Call 1-800-ADJUSTERS (235-8783).

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Disaster Information

Often the serious property damage in your home or business may be less obvious or even hidden damage. When disaster strikes, call us immediately. Public Adjusters are licensed and trained in similar ways as insurance company adjusters, except Public Adjusters use their expertise to work for you, not the insurance company.

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Minimize the distance you travel to reach a safe location; often, the further you drive, the greater the likelihood of encountering traffic congestion and other problems.

Use the evacuation routes designated by authorities and, if possible, become familiar with your route in advance of a disaster.

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